Michael Weaver
Dream Developer, Stillness Guide, Communication Expert

February 23, 2015

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Over the coming weeks you will begin to find more and more information to help you actively reconnect with and continue developing your dreams. I have always been fascinated with the topic of personal development, originally viewing it as a "modern" problem unique to the structure of our society. However, as I looked back through time, I came across evidence of the same struggle for meaning and growth stretching back thousands of years.

As a result I have come to view this struggle for growth, this quest for personal development, as an integral part of the human condition — and not something that can be localized to a particular time, place, culture, or even school of thought. One of the things that fascinated me in my research was just how much information had been preserved, particularly in the West (although only through close ties to the East), oftentimes through what appear to be the simplest forms of communication.

I have come to believe that the languages of symbolism, myth and metaphor still have many lessons that we can apply as we work to navigate our everyday lives. One of the most valuable things that these traditions emphasize is the relative nature of our existence. This is a world that each of us navigates in our own unique way, communicating our unique perspectives through the tools of narrative and language. Sometimes we are the storytellers, and sometimes we simply absorb the stories that others have told us. However each story, no matter how carefully constructed, must always leave out at least some details, inherently making it incomplete if not somewhat biased.

This is why the Wisdom Traditions of the world often refer to the physical realm as "the world of myth", as any type of story or measurement can only create a partial picture at best. Due to the importance of language and storytelling, much of the information you find here will have a distinct focus on the narrative process and how we use the power of stories to help us navigate the world.

Sometimes I will use anecdotes from my own personal experience, while other times I will leverage the power of myth and story to help highlight different aspects of the human condition. Most of the time I will use some combination of anecdote and story, since that is what I have personally found most effective in navigating the twists and turns of life's path on my own personal journey. Either way, I look forward to sharing what I have uncovered, and exploring the insights you and many others many contribute.

As always, feel free to contact me with any thoughts, insights, or projects I can contribute to…

All the best,

Michael Weaver Dream Developer, Stillness Guide, & Communication Expert