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Cultivating Understanding…

January 29, 2016

Today marks the date of the relaunch of the Intimacy with Life website, incorporating a brand new look along with a more refined focus than what many people have seen over the past several years. Everything that you will find in this website and these postings focuses upon one simple idea that I refer to as Cultivating Understanding…

We are at a unique point in time where the old ways are no longer working, particularly within the realm of traditionally human-centric activities such as education. As someone with several decades of teaching experience, along with a rigorous background in engineering and systems design, I cannot help but consider that many of our issues can be traced to a focus on the tangible, measurable aspects of experience which often comes at the expense of intangible, qualitative aspects of experience.

Yet, it is exactly these intangible aspects, qualities, and skill-sets that we need to build effective relationships on both personal and professional levels. While some people have begun advocating more of a STEAM approach to education in the hopes of breathing more human-centric activities into education, my interest lies with the structure of science itself. If we look back to the foundations of Western science, most often attributed to the Ancient Greek philosophers, we find indications of a very different way of thinking about and modeling the world than the one we use today.

Our current model of science most often takes the physical world as its starting point, actively seeking to minimize the effects of the individuals carrying out the experiments. However, there is a big difference between minimizing subjective effects and eliminating the human observer altogether — which is exactly what we have managed to do with modern science. I believe that this approach to modeling the universe has left us not only disconnected from the innermost workings of the universe, but our world, others, and ourselves as well.

Throughout this website, along with other writings and publications, I will be exploring other possible models of the world that focus on the importance of the individual conducting the experience. While this approach might appear odd to some, if we think about it, there is no way for us to run a test without the presence of a human observer. As someone with a long-standing background in systems design, it has gradually become more and more obvious to me that modeling the world without a human observer could be one of the gravest errors in modern times.

At this point you may be wondering what other model of the world might possibly exist. To this, I say, read on, and post your questions as we explore a model of the world that questions whether consciousness, instead of matter (including models based on a quantum reductionist approach) may in fact serve as the ground-base of Reality.

Michael Weaver
Storyteller • Stillness Guide